Wednesday, November 12, 2014

A locker room Experience

Over this last year I have become comfortable in my own skin, and I have gotten use to having boobs, so much so that often  I forget that others are not used to me having them.  Last week I got invited by one of my work collegaues to go by the YMCA after work and play a pickup basketball game.  TO say I am average at basketball is an overstatement. 

So after work I headed over to the Y for the game I was wearing a dress as I was leaving from work.  The people at the Y were kind I asked them where the locker room was they asked which one I told them the mens of course. So in a went.  I am used to people starring or being caught of guard but if you really want see people look at your weird, take your dress off in a lockerroom why and watch how guys will stop what they are doing to see a guy in bra and panties getting changed.  I didnt notice as I was paying attention to what I was doing but I noticed that people kept staring at me.  I went on my way with what I was doing.  I wore the boobs playing basketball and as I was running up and down the court my boobs were bouncing all over the place.  So one of the players was like heah you need to get to the gym more I was like y because it it looks like you have boobs while you are running.  I advised that no matter how much I ran I kept loosing weight around my gut and not in my chest.  They guy was like heah thats weird you should be checked out by your doctor. 

After playing basketball for 2 hours I went back to the lockerroom to change again and this time new people but as I was getting re-dressed one of they guys was like " Heah How long have you known"  Me "How long have I known what"
Guy " You are gay"
Me " I am not gay"
Guy " You were panties and bra and your are not gay"
Me "Yes I wear panties, bras, and dresses and am not gay"
Guy "Are you sure"
Me " I am possitive"
Guy " How can this be?"
Me "I would think that a gay man with poor self control would sit around locker rooms waiting for someone to change so they can look at them, not someone in there changing their clothes and minding their own business"
Guy " Yeah but you are wearing panties"
Me " yes I know but if you notice I didnt walk around in them, I am changning so I can be on my way"
Guy " Why did you come to the Y"
Me " To workout You?"
Guy "To shoot the breeze"
Me "In the lockerroom?"
Guy "Yeah"
Me "Well have a good day"

Apparently gay guys dont sit around locker rooms naked talking to guys but do wear panties, Who knew?

Thursday, July 3, 2014

North Carolina

My job sent me to North Carolina and I got the opportunity to visit the Outerbank, however everywhere I went people kept staring at me.  I assumed it was because they had never seen a man with boobs in a dress before but that was correct.  I was eating at this terrific restaurant in Avon Goodwind's Seafood.  The food was good but I could tell that I was a curiosity to the waitress.  So I went ahead and asked her if I could help her as she seemed curious.  She introduced herself again as Brittany and sat down across the table.  I was cordial and she was as well.  She asked if she could ask me a personal question.  I was like I know green isnt my color.  She was laughing and I said is that it.  She proceeded to ask me why I liked dressing the way I do and explained to her I enjoyed it.  She asked me if I wore just a dress or other womens clothes and I asked what she ment.  She said I can assume you are wearing a bra I agreed in the affirmative.  Then she asked if I wore panties,  I told her I get asked that alot.  I told her why was she curious about panties, she explained the room difference.  I asked her if she thought I did.  She answered that she assumed that because I wore dresses and bras I probably wore panties.  I told her that is correct I do wear panties.  I was like wouldnt that look weared if I was wearing a dress and bra and boxers, she stated that she thought it would but thought she would ask. she asked me if I had a kind a preferred I told her I liked hipsters and hi cut.  So she was like no thongs and I said no thongs I keep having this feeling like I have to go to the bathroom while I am wearing a thong.

She was polite the rest of the meal and I had good customer service.  I had finally asked her to use the restroom she asked me which one I wanted to use I told her I didnt care whichever caused the least trouble she told me where it was and so I went.

Swimming in the Ocean

My job sent me to North Carolina a few seeks ago and it was absolutely beautiful.  Wilmington to be exact.  Anyway while I was there I took some vacation time to go to the outer banks.  I was not going to miss the opportunity to see the outerbanks.  While I was visiting Avon a city on Hateras Island I decide I would not pass up the opportunity to go swimming in the ocean.  Before I left I purchased a two piece tankini as I thought that was the most appropriate thing to wear so I was out in the ocean swimming and I noticed that people kept looking at me.  I finally asked a girl did I have something on my face because people continue staring at me she stated it was the something on my chest not my face and the fact I was wearing a womens swimsuit.  I answered logically so your answer would be that I go topless and left whatever hang out hang out.  She stated ofcourse not then I was like how about a bra and swimsuit she was like dont be ridiculous.  I was like than thankfully I decided on this.

Friday, April 18, 2014

Forgetting I have them

I have had a few instances so far when I have forgotten I have boobs.  The first time, I was chaning my shirt outside of a home depot.  I had brought an older shirt I would need as I was picking up concrete. 

After I got my work blouse off I noticed that people were staring at me, I quickly put my tshirt on and went about my day.  One customer came up to me and said heah that is inappropriate to be changing your clothes in a parking lot.  I stated they didnt have a problem with those other two guys loading there lawn mower with no shirt on.  The customer stated they didnt have boobs and you do.  So they can and you can't.

I offered that was a double standard didnt they think.  They were plain in their argument that if you want to go topless outside than do wear a bra or have boobs. 

The second time I was at the gym and was changing from my work clothes to my work out clothes and i normally change with my back turned completely only this time it was only slightly turned.  I noticed all the other guys staring at me.  I was like heah what is going on they were like heah you have boobs.  I was like yeah.  I was like are you going to stare at them while I am getting changed they said probably.  I went ahead and changed and went on.

The third time which is probably the most embarassing is that I was playing a 5 on 5 basketball game and to divy up players we played shirts versus skins.  Initally I was suppose to be a skin.  That was bad enough however when I took my shirt off and was just wearing a sports bra they decided I should be a shirt while I didnt initially have a problem with that I agreed I should probably keep my shirt on.

The best feedback has been at the lingerie store I shop at when they ask why go through all that trouble.  I advised I thought it was a growing expereince for me.  Second they ask me if I wear other clothing as well.  I advised I always wear other clothing.  I am wearing clothing now.  They finally get to the dirt of there question.  They always want to know what if I wear panties or other lingerie.  One girl asked me what I wear swimming.  I asked her what she wore she told me a swimsuit I told her that is what I wore.

I have received all kinds of feedback from the curious to the positive to the indifferent.

Friday, March 21, 2014

Boobs will be Boobs

I have found that people treat me vastly different with them than without them.  Before I got them people were always nice and polite and treated me with respect.  However, now that I have boobs people make alot of assumptions about me.

First people assume I am gay,  I was sitting at a restaurant and these two guys were arguing over Obamas single handed distruction of a nation and I tried to keep to my own business but they put me in the middle of it.  I advised them that the only people that can take our nation away is us. 

The drunker of the two stated that is what all queers think, I advised I was not homosexual while I have no problems with adults sleeping with other adults whoever that might be I was not attracted to men.  This isnt the first time people have assumed I am gay, probably not the last.

The second assumption is that now that I have boobs I am weaker or dumber.  I went to pick up corners posts and h posts for my livestock fence when I called the shop they advised I needed to come by and pick them up.  I would need to load them as they had no one to assist.  When I arrived I was in a dress and the manager a male and a lady told me how heavy they were and I would probably need some help loading them.  I asked onhte phone and the lady was honest enough to explain that she didnt realize I would be looking different.  I advised just because I have boobs or wear a dress doesnt mean I am any dumber or less weak. 

On hindsight I think this journey has made me tougher.

Friday, March 14, 2014

Eating at Hooters with Hooters

I went to Hooters last friday.  I had been out and about running errands.  I was getting alittle hungry and thirsty so I thought I should get something to eat.  Hooters seemed just as good of a place as any  So I went to the Hooters in south OKC.  I initially was going to sit in the restaurant but settle for the bar.  I order 10 wings and a angry orchard.  Boy is Angry orchard tasty.

As I was sitting there I was making small talk with the bar tender she was friendly but busy.  We talked about life and everything else.  One of the patrons saw me sitting them in a dress and walked over and made small talk with me.  She was very polite asked inquisitive questions both personal and more generic and overall had a plesant conversation.   

I still have not got used to them as I am always spilling food on them and I tried carry boxes with food down some steps and they sure do get in the way alot.

I wonder if anyone else has noticed that

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Beers and a game with the guys

Last saturday I got a called from from of my friends Justin he asked me if  wanted to go out with the boys as they were getting together I stated sure.  So we all went out to Twin Peaks in OKC to watch some basketball and have some beers.  My friends had not seen me since i started my quest for a year of boobs so when I showed up in a dress they were taken by surprise.  The dress was just a normal knee length dress nothing special.  After the good goshing or ribbing they gave me we all got to sit around and enjoy ourselves.  One of my friends chris kept staring at my chest so I kept saying Chris my eyes are up here.  The reason we got together was Josh is getting married his girlfriend happen to work their at Twin Peaks. so after she (Christy) got off she joined us.  We had a fun time, Christy was like heah can I ask you a personal question I was like okay.  She was like you are a guy right I said yes she said you are straight I said yes.  I then chimed in and said she couldnt leave Josh for me.  Josh was like whatever.  She stated you are wearing a bra right I was like yes.  She ask if I was wearing panties I asked her if she was, she told me that was kind of personal I reminded her she just asked me she told me she was wearing panties I told her Me Too.  Overall the night was funny out of all my friends I was the most boring and had the least to talk about apparently that has changed.  Terry one of my responsible friends you wife kids the American Dream.  He was giving me crap he asked me if I was coming over to his daughers birthday party on Saturday she is turning 6.  I told him I could but I wasnt sure how his wife would take the whole dress thing.  Terry called his wife and she was like I better come over and bring a good gift.  I asked her about the dress she said dont dress like a hooker.  I told her I wouldnt and the date was set.