Thursday, January 30, 2014

In the way

I went to dinner last night to Hooters I ordered the wings because that is what you get at Hooters is the wings.  I didnt realize how much the breasts were going to get in the way until I tried everday tasks like eating.  I ended up wearing more of the food than eating it.  In addition I think my boobs have knock more things off my desk in the last two days that I have in the previous 3 years.  I also walk into everything I understand women get used to it but for me it is taking some adjusting walking into everyrthing They are always in the way.

Because I was wearing a dress I knew everyone was already going to stare at me so the boobs were just more pronounced.  The first time I wore the boobs into the feed store the two girls notices them right away and asked if I always had them and they just didnt notice them.  I initially told them I did.  The male clerk kept asking me if something was different about me he thought maybe I lost weight apparently the dds are not as pronounced as I thought they were going to be.  But they still are in the way alot.
Welcome to Boobs for the Year,

This is my blog about my year having boobs.  During this year I will be wearing a bra that is stuffed with silicone forms the forms I will be using as DDs so the Bra size is 42DD.  For the next year I will wear these silicone forms everywhere in every part of my daily life. 

When I was considering what size forms to use there were alot of quality sizes.  I tried size b,c,d,dd, and G.  I decided on DD as DDs were to big to ignore and the Gs felt like they got in the way alot as well having 42Gs would require purchasing my bras at a speciality store when I would wrather purchase them at a regular department store.  DDs were also very pronounce and were obvious whereas cs I found I could explain away. 

Someone asked me why wear boobs for the year.  First I have always been facinated by boobs.  Second I wanted to experience this I will always be wearing a dress all year but even in times when I can not wear a dress I will still be be wearing the breast forms.

This is a photo of me getting dressed at the gym after working out