Thursday, July 3, 2014

Swimming in the Ocean

My job sent me to North Carolina a few seeks ago and it was absolutely beautiful.  Wilmington to be exact.  Anyway while I was there I took some vacation time to go to the outer banks.  I was not going to miss the opportunity to see the outerbanks.  While I was visiting Avon a city on Hateras Island I decide I would not pass up the opportunity to go swimming in the ocean.  Before I left I purchased a two piece tankini as I thought that was the most appropriate thing to wear so I was out in the ocean swimming and I noticed that people kept looking at me.  I finally asked a girl did I have something on my face because people continue staring at me she stated it was the something on my chest not my face and the fact I was wearing a womens swimsuit.  I answered logically so your answer would be that I go topless and left whatever hang out hang out.  She stated ofcourse not then I was like how about a bra and swimsuit she was like dont be ridiculous.  I was like than thankfully I decided on this.

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