Wednesday, November 12, 2014

A locker room Experience

Over this last year I have become comfortable in my own skin, and I have gotten use to having boobs, so much so that often  I forget that others are not used to me having them.  Last week I got invited by one of my work collegaues to go by the YMCA after work and play a pickup basketball game.  TO say I am average at basketball is an overstatement. 

So after work I headed over to the Y for the game I was wearing a dress as I was leaving from work.  The people at the Y were kind I asked them where the locker room was they asked which one I told them the mens of course. So in a went.  I am used to people starring or being caught of guard but if you really want see people look at your weird, take your dress off in a lockerroom why and watch how guys will stop what they are doing to see a guy in bra and panties getting changed.  I didnt notice as I was paying attention to what I was doing but I noticed that people kept staring at me.  I went on my way with what I was doing.  I wore the boobs playing basketball and as I was running up and down the court my boobs were bouncing all over the place.  So one of the players was like heah you need to get to the gym more I was like y because it it looks like you have boobs while you are running.  I advised that no matter how much I ran I kept loosing weight around my gut and not in my chest.  They guy was like heah thats weird you should be checked out by your doctor. 

After playing basketball for 2 hours I went back to the lockerroom to change again and this time new people but as I was getting re-dressed one of they guys was like " Heah How long have you known"  Me "How long have I known what"
Guy " You are gay"
Me " I am not gay"
Guy " You were panties and bra and your are not gay"
Me "Yes I wear panties, bras, and dresses and am not gay"
Guy "Are you sure"
Me " I am possitive"
Guy " How can this be?"
Me "I would think that a gay man with poor self control would sit around locker rooms waiting for someone to change so they can look at them, not someone in there changing their clothes and minding their own business"
Guy " Yeah but you are wearing panties"
Me " yes I know but if you notice I didnt walk around in them, I am changning so I can be on my way"
Guy " Why did you come to the Y"
Me " To workout You?"
Guy "To shoot the breeze"
Me "In the lockerroom?"
Guy "Yeah"
Me "Well have a good day"

Apparently gay guys dont sit around locker rooms naked talking to guys but do wear panties, Who knew?

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