Friday, March 14, 2014

Eating at Hooters with Hooters

I went to Hooters last friday.  I had been out and about running errands.  I was getting alittle hungry and thirsty so I thought I should get something to eat.  Hooters seemed just as good of a place as any  So I went to the Hooters in south OKC.  I initially was going to sit in the restaurant but settle for the bar.  I order 10 wings and a angry orchard.  Boy is Angry orchard tasty.

As I was sitting there I was making small talk with the bar tender she was friendly but busy.  We talked about life and everything else.  One of the patrons saw me sitting them in a dress and walked over and made small talk with me.  She was very polite asked inquisitive questions both personal and more generic and overall had a plesant conversation.   

I still have not got used to them as I am always spilling food on them and I tried carry boxes with food down some steps and they sure do get in the way alot.

I wonder if anyone else has noticed that

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