Thursday, July 3, 2014

North Carolina

My job sent me to North Carolina and I got the opportunity to visit the Outerbank, however everywhere I went people kept staring at me.  I assumed it was because they had never seen a man with boobs in a dress before but that was correct.  I was eating at this terrific restaurant in Avon Goodwind's Seafood.  The food was good but I could tell that I was a curiosity to the waitress.  So I went ahead and asked her if I could help her as she seemed curious.  She introduced herself again as Brittany and sat down across the table.  I was cordial and she was as well.  She asked if she could ask me a personal question.  I was like I know green isnt my color.  She was laughing and I said is that it.  She proceeded to ask me why I liked dressing the way I do and explained to her I enjoyed it.  She asked me if I wore just a dress or other womens clothes and I asked what she ment.  She said I can assume you are wearing a bra I agreed in the affirmative.  Then she asked if I wore panties,  I told her I get asked that alot.  I told her why was she curious about panties, she explained the room difference.  I asked her if she thought I did.  She answered that she assumed that because I wore dresses and bras I probably wore panties.  I told her that is correct I do wear panties.  I was like wouldnt that look weared if I was wearing a dress and bra and boxers, she stated that she thought it would but thought she would ask. she asked me if I had a kind a preferred I told her I liked hipsters and hi cut.  So she was like no thongs and I said no thongs I keep having this feeling like I have to go to the bathroom while I am wearing a thong.

She was polite the rest of the meal and I had good customer service.  I had finally asked her to use the restroom she asked me which one I wanted to use I told her I didnt care whichever caused the least trouble she told me where it was and so I went.

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