Friday, April 18, 2014

Forgetting I have them

I have had a few instances so far when I have forgotten I have boobs.  The first time, I was chaning my shirt outside of a home depot.  I had brought an older shirt I would need as I was picking up concrete. 

After I got my work blouse off I noticed that people were staring at me, I quickly put my tshirt on and went about my day.  One customer came up to me and said heah that is inappropriate to be changing your clothes in a parking lot.  I stated they didnt have a problem with those other two guys loading there lawn mower with no shirt on.  The customer stated they didnt have boobs and you do.  So they can and you can't.

I offered that was a double standard didnt they think.  They were plain in their argument that if you want to go topless outside than do wear a bra or have boobs. 

The second time I was at the gym and was changing from my work clothes to my work out clothes and i normally change with my back turned completely only this time it was only slightly turned.  I noticed all the other guys staring at me.  I was like heah what is going on they were like heah you have boobs.  I was like yeah.  I was like are you going to stare at them while I am getting changed they said probably.  I went ahead and changed and went on.

The third time which is probably the most embarassing is that I was playing a 5 on 5 basketball game and to divy up players we played shirts versus skins.  Initally I was suppose to be a skin.  That was bad enough however when I took my shirt off and was just wearing a sports bra they decided I should be a shirt while I didnt initially have a problem with that I agreed I should probably keep my shirt on.

The best feedback has been at the lingerie store I shop at when they ask why go through all that trouble.  I advised I thought it was a growing expereince for me.  Second they ask me if I wear other clothing as well.  I advised I always wear other clothing.  I am wearing clothing now.  They finally get to the dirt of there question.  They always want to know what if I wear panties or other lingerie.  One girl asked me what I wear swimming.  I asked her what she wore she told me a swimsuit I told her that is what I wore.

I have received all kinds of feedback from the curious to the positive to the indifferent.

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