Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Beers and a game with the guys

Last saturday I got a called from from of my friends Justin he asked me if  wanted to go out with the boys as they were getting together I stated sure.  So we all went out to Twin Peaks in OKC to watch some basketball and have some beers.  My friends had not seen me since i started my quest for a year of boobs so when I showed up in a dress they were taken by surprise.  The dress was just a normal knee length dress nothing special.  After the good goshing or ribbing they gave me we all got to sit around and enjoy ourselves.  One of my friends chris kept staring at my chest so I kept saying Chris my eyes are up here.  The reason we got together was Josh is getting married his girlfriend happen to work their at Twin Peaks. so after she (Christy) got off she joined us.  We had a fun time, Christy was like heah can I ask you a personal question I was like okay.  She was like you are a guy right I said yes she said you are straight I said yes.  I then chimed in and said she couldnt leave Josh for me.  Josh was like whatever.  She stated you are wearing a bra right I was like yes.  She ask if I was wearing panties I asked her if she was, she told me that was kind of personal I reminded her she just asked me she told me she was wearing panties I told her Me Too.  Overall the night was funny out of all my friends I was the most boring and had the least to talk about apparently that has changed.  Terry one of my responsible friends you wife kids the American Dream.  He was giving me crap he asked me if I was coming over to his daughers birthday party on Saturday she is turning 6.  I told him I could but I wasnt sure how his wife would take the whole dress thing.  Terry called his wife and she was like I better come over and bring a good gift.  I asked her about the dress she said dont dress like a hooker.  I told her I wouldnt and the date was set. 

Bra Shopping and Having Boobs

I went bra shopping Friday at Soma Intimates what a great store with good products and a superb staff.  One of the sales staff talked me into trying a Stunning Support Full Coverage Bras.  The sales clerk asked me if I wanted to try it on and I inquired to why did she think it was for me.  She had stated it looked like it could fit me and my breasts were notificable.  Up till that point I have become so familar with my breasts I had completely forgot I had them.  I tried the bra on if gave lots of lift and put the girls on display for all to see.  One of the girls called it a date night bra i bra to wear when you want to feal sexy.  I said a date night bra is a luxory I need bras I can wear everyday she talked me into buying a apricot one even though she wanted me to buy the taupe because I could wear it with more colors than you can apricot.  I thought the apricot was prettier so went with the apricot and got the matching panties.  The first day I wore it was stiff however I was told it would flex the more I wear it.  I hope so

Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Out to Dinner

My daily expierence has been more interesting than any one event.  However, I took myself to dinner after doing some bra shopping at Soma.  The little bit of time I have wore bras the Soma Allura I swear is the most comfortable.  After leaving the mall I decided to go get a bite to eat.  I had it narrowed down to two locations.  Spaghetti Warehouse and Deep Fork Grill.   I went by Spaghetti warehouse and couldnt get any parking so I went ahead to the deep fork grill.  When I went to the deep fork grill the place wasnt very busy but getting simple things was complicated.  There was various reasons for it being complicated I suspected by their reaction they have never had a man in a dress eat there as I had a semi attentive waitress but their entire waitstaff brought me something.  Overall the food was okay I had the chicken and dumplings.  After dinner I went to the Garage and had an Angry Orchard both Bartenders their are cool. and make small talk with me. Overall I am still learning to do everyday tasks like eating without wearing the food all over me.

This experience so far as really let me know who my firends are my good friends still want to hang out with me they tease me about the dress and boobs but since I give as good as I get they are okay with it.  However some of my friends decided I wasnt worth being around anymore and that is okay with me.