Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Out to Dinner

My daily expierence has been more interesting than any one event.  However, I took myself to dinner after doing some bra shopping at Soma.  The little bit of time I have wore bras the Soma Allura I swear is the most comfortable.  After leaving the mall I decided to go get a bite to eat.  I had it narrowed down to two locations.  Spaghetti Warehouse and Deep Fork Grill.   I went by Spaghetti warehouse and couldnt get any parking so I went ahead to the deep fork grill.  When I went to the deep fork grill the place wasnt very busy but getting simple things was complicated.  There was various reasons for it being complicated I suspected by their reaction they have never had a man in a dress eat there as I had a semi attentive waitress but their entire waitstaff brought me something.  Overall the food was okay I had the chicken and dumplings.  After dinner I went to the Garage and had an Angry Orchard both Bartenders their are cool. and make small talk with me. Overall I am still learning to do everyday tasks like eating without wearing the food all over me.

This experience so far as really let me know who my firends are my good friends still want to hang out with me they tease me about the dress and boobs but since I give as good as I get they are okay with it.  However some of my friends decided I wasnt worth being around anymore and that is okay with me.

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