Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Bra Shopping and Having Boobs

I went bra shopping Friday at Soma Intimates what a great store with good products and a superb staff.  One of the sales staff talked me into trying a Stunning Support Full Coverage Bras.  The sales clerk asked me if I wanted to try it on and I inquired to why did she think it was for me.  She had stated it looked like it could fit me and my breasts were notificable.  Up till that point I have become so familar with my breasts I had completely forgot I had them.  I tried the bra on if gave lots of lift and put the girls on display for all to see.  One of the girls called it a date night bra i bra to wear when you want to feal sexy.  I said a date night bra is a luxory I need bras I can wear everyday she talked me into buying a apricot one even though she wanted me to buy the taupe because I could wear it with more colors than you can apricot.  I thought the apricot was prettier so went with the apricot and got the matching panties.  The first day I wore it was stiff however I was told it would flex the more I wear it.  I hope so

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