Thursday, January 30, 2014

In the way

I went to dinner last night to Hooters I ordered the wings because that is what you get at Hooters is the wings.  I didnt realize how much the breasts were going to get in the way until I tried everday tasks like eating.  I ended up wearing more of the food than eating it.  In addition I think my boobs have knock more things off my desk in the last two days that I have in the previous 3 years.  I also walk into everything I understand women get used to it but for me it is taking some adjusting walking into everyrthing They are always in the way.

Because I was wearing a dress I knew everyone was already going to stare at me so the boobs were just more pronounced.  The first time I wore the boobs into the feed store the two girls notices them right away and asked if I always had them and they just didnt notice them.  I initially told them I did.  The male clerk kept asking me if something was different about me he thought maybe I lost weight apparently the dds are not as pronounced as I thought they were going to be.  But they still are in the way alot.

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